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in Madrid, Barcelona, Alcalá de Henares, Valencia, Grenada, Sevilla

If you are searching for a shared flat with other students, you have found it: ALUNI.NET is a company which rents out individual rooms in shared flats to university students, students enrolled in Spanish courses, as well as young professionals.

Aluni offers housing in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Alcalá de Henares, Valencia, Grenada, Seville).

All shared flats are fully equipped and, in addition to bedrooms, provide a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen and at least one bathroom.

It is not the duty of the students to see to the occupation of the other bedrooms.

The prices of each room range from € 230 to € 490 monthly in Madrid, and from € 230 to € 490 in Barcelona, and from € 150 to € 320 in Alcalá de Henares, Valencia and Grenada, and from € 200 to € 360 in Seville (the difference in price refers to the difference in size, quality and location of each apartment).

The university apartments are not mixed, unless the reservation is made by a group that occupies all rooms during the same period of time.

The apartments are normally shared by three or four roommates, in single or double rooms.

ALUNI is much more than an “Agency for students” because it does not confine itself to offering flats of its proprietors, rather it ensures the fulfilment of the contracts during their timeframes, so that the rights of the guests are taken into consideration.

ALUNI is a solution that combines the best of renting an apartment or flat with the best of student residencies through housing in a shared apartment.

ALUNI offers students the opportunity to live with other students of various nationalities while studying. In this way flats are established as "Erasmus Apartments", and language learning environments are established where students have the opportunity live and interact with other cultures.

The minimum duration of stay is 90 days during the academic year (from September 1st until February 28st) and 30 days when the contract begins between March 1st and August 31st.. When staying with a family the minimum duration of stay is always 30 days.

All landlords who are working with us offer their apartments at the conditions laid down in the contract provided by ALUNI that describes all rights and duties of the students, the owner as well as ALUNI.

You can reserve accommodation in any of our offices, or via internet by leaving a down payment of the deposit, along with a recent photo, a photo ID, and proof of studies.

ALUNI only charges € 77 per student for the administration costs of the first contract. (Students of educational institutions that have signed cooperation agreement with ALUNI will enjoy a discount on the management contract). Also, contracts beginning between the dates of June 1st and August 1st will have a discount (This is a special summer offer, and replaces other offers). This payment may be paid in any of the ALUNI offices upon entering the apartment.

ALUNI also offers the possibility of solidarity accommodation with an elderly or sick person that requires nursing for a monthly rent from € 175 up (the price varies in proportion to the attention the needy person demands).

Moreover ALUNI offers the possibility to accommodate oneself with a family in Madrid or Valencia, where the students form part of the family they are staying with.

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