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Common clauses Student and landlord

  1. If the owner fails to meet his obligations, the student will be moved to another suitable housing (guaranteed by ALUNI) that offers a rent and location similar to that of the original agreement.
  2. In the case of unusual conflict between any resident and the owner of the apartment, or between residents of the apartment, in the interpretation or application of this contract and an acceptable agreement cannot be reached, the below signed agree to allow ALUNI to arbitrate the disagreement.
  3. Should the resolution given by ALUNI not be accepted by any of the parts,ALUNI will provide with juridical assistence to the part (student or owner) that ALUNI considers.
  4. The exceptional case apart of the previous point mentioned, ALUNI will not get involved in the obligations of the owner or the residents (example: the obligation of repairs as the consecuence of misuse or wrongdoing of the owner against the residents or vice versa).
  5. This agreement is binding to all parties from the moment that the student manifests his or her agreement with the contract and makes payment of the security deposit in the ALUNI office or at the Bank (direct payment or through bank transfer). In any case, to ensure an increased legal security, the student will sign three copies of the agreement (one for the owner, one for the student and one for ALUNI).
  6. The payment of the monthly rent is exempt from VAT under article 20, section one, nº 23 of law 37/1992