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Landlord Obligations Student rights

  1. To provide a bedroom (single or double) that contains the following:
    1. A bed with mattress, mattress protector, blankets and one pillow.
    2. One bedside table with lamp.
    3. One chair and desk with lamp.
    4. One window with curtains and blinds.
    5. Enough lighting to light the entire bedroom.
    6. A wardrobe with hangers and enough space for the student to store personal items.
    7. A storage area for books easily accessible during study time. A bin, a bulletin board, an electrical outlet for use at the resident’s discretion (in order to operate a PC, a radio, an alarm clock, etc).
    8. Heater.
  2. Access to a bathroom with the following items (toilet, shower, sink, and mirror), to be shared with other residents of the apartment.
  3. Access to a dining/common area with the following:
    1. As many seats (sofas or armchairs) as residents.
    2. One dining table with chairs.
    3. A fan.
    4. Wall decoration and plants, etc.
  4. Access to a kitchen with:
    1. Refrigerator.
    2. Microwave.
    3. Cooking utensils.
    4. Washing machine.
    5. Iron and ironing board.
    6. Kitchen necessities, such as sauce pans, frying pan, colander, towels and rags, kitchen knives, scissors, garbage can...
    7. Enough tableware for all the residents.
    8. Necessary tools for cleaning the apartment: broom, dustpan, mop bucket, mop, and cleaning rags.
  5. A bulletin board in the common area.
  6. The owner of the apartment guarantees the proper functioning of the utilities and the appliances (this includes: electricity, gas, plumbing, washing machine, iron etc) and the satisfactory state of all property in the apartment. The owner agrees to repair the above items during the life of this contract. The owner is not responsible for any damage caused by the resident whether intentional or negligent (See clause B7 of this contract).
  7. The resident will receive, upon occupying the apartment, a key ring (one key for the street entrance and one for the apartment door) for his or her personal use. These keys must be returned to the owner upon leaving the apartment.
  8. In order to maintain a good academic environment in the apartment, the owner agrees to house only university students (including post graduates students, recently graduated students, or students doing their internship) as long as the below signed resident is housed in the apartment.