Obligations Student obligations

  1. On reserving, the student will pay the deposit, either paying online, by bank transfer, or directly to the account given by ALUNI . Upon installing in the house, the resident has to pay the fee for this contract (see prizes on www.aluni.net)
  2. The student will provide the owner through the corresponding ALUNI office the following documentation:
    1. Two copies of the student’s ID or passport
    2. Two recent pictures (they are taken at the ALUNI office)
    3. Copy of a document proving what studies are taken while staying in the apartment
    4. Inscription form filled at the ALUNI Office
  3. During the validity of this contract the resident will use his own room just for his private use. Sub-letting or other commercial activities are not allowed.
  4. The student agrees to pay the monthly fee established on the first page of this contract, where the names of the signers, the prize and the accommodation data is reflected. Should the student be on holidays or away from the house for any reason during the contract period, the fee for the accommodation still has to be paid.
  5. The money will be paid to the accommodation owner (or given the case, to a person designated by him), during the firsts five days of each month.
  6. The deposit will be returned to the student upon completion of all parts of this agreement (under no circumstances will the deposit be used as the last month’s rent).
  7. The deposit will be lost if once this contract is signed (see C5), the student fails to accomodate in the apartment. Furthermore, if the student fails without a proper proof, to pay the monthly fee on time, a 5 € fine per day may be penalised.
  8. If the student unreasonably delays the payment, ALUNI may claim a surcharge of € 8 for each day of delay.
  9. In the event that there were missing or damaged items in the apartment (beyond the normal wear of them), repairs and or replacement will be made using the security deposit. In the event that the resident responsible for the damage does not identify him or her self, all residents will share the expense from their respective security deposit, having the right to take the matter further against the one responsible.
  10. The cost of utilities (electricity, gas and water) will be paid by the residents to the owner on a monthly basis unless expressly included in the monthly rent.
  11. Visits from friends and family are permitted as long as consent is attained from fellow residents, although overnight visits are not permitted. In the case of a family accommodation, the approval of the owner is required.Guests cannot stay for the night (ALUNI offers to find them accommodation in the closest hotels and hostels)
  12. Smoking is not permitted inside the apartment (neither in the room nor in the common areas)
  13. Residents will respect the rules of the community and neighbours and special care will be taken in limiting noise.
  14. The schedule maintained in the apartment is to be set by common agreement among the residents (in the case of family accommodation, the student will agree with their schedule). Once the schedule is set, it is to be respected as part of this contract especially regarding study time and night time. Other rules to be taken as contract rules are the common sense living criteria that guests set, such as the division of household tasks should also be considered binding such as the cleaning of the apartment, the removal of trash, retrieval of mail from the post box, etc. In a family accommodation, the student will help as a member in those house tasks.
  15. The owner of the apartment is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of items left in the apartment by residents.
  16. The residents will respect the decoration of the apartment and will not change the furniture or introduce new furniture with out the specific authorization of the owner. It is not permitted to damage the wall in any way, neither to place any object on them (using glue, sticks, adhesives etc...)
  17. Animals are not permitted in the apartment.
  18. Having any kind of weapon is completelly forbidden, as it is also the consumption of any type of drug in the apartment (to include forms of marijuana or cannabis, and the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages). The possession of pornographic material is also prohibited (magazines, etc.), as well as any kind of material that may be offensive for the dignity , equality and common sense of any person.
  19. If the resident seriously or repeatedly breaches the obligations contained in this contract, or incurs in
  20. In case of termination of this contract due to breach of the tenant, or by departure before the expiration of the contracted period, the deposit will not be refunded. Likewise, if this were the case, the tenant must pay the owner the proportional part of the long stay discount.
  21. There is no right to renewing this contract.
  22. Upon the end of stay, if the resident does not fill in the information required for the return of his deposit (online form "My bank details" in the student's area) in a period of two months, it will be understood as refused by the student.
  23. The resident, before recovering his deposit, undertakes to return the keys to the apartment and to complete the apartment
  24. Residents must allow landlord access to the common areas of apartment for maintenance control and compliance with the standards described in this contract.