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Information about the room and the piso Information room 1016H1

"Student room for rent, completely furnished with internet, located in the Porvenir neighborhood in Sevilla for only 390 euros"
"4.0 de 5 estrellas (media sobre 5 valoraciones)"

General information

Apartment type: Piso shared with students Piso with a Spanish family : [[ habitacion.piso.descripcionFamilia ]]
Floor: [[ habitacion.piso.numeroPlanta ]]ª
Area: [[ habitacion.piso.barrio.nombre ]]
Number of rooms: [[ habitacion.piso.numeroHabitaciones ]]
Number of spots: [[ habitacion.piso.numeroPlazas ]]
Number of WCs: [[ habitacion.piso.numeroBanos ]]
Calefacción: [[ habitacion.piso.tipoCalefaccion ]]
Agua caliente: [[ habitacion.piso.tipoAguaCaliente ]]

Room information

Number of beds in the room : [[ habitacion.numeroCamas ]]
Aproximated amount for utilities: [[ habitacion.piso.gastoEstimadoTotal|currency ]]
Utilities: [[ habitacion.piso.gastoEstimadoTotal|currency ]]
Utilities included: [[ habitacion.piso.gastoEstimadoTotal|currency ]]
Type of closet : [[ habitacion.tipoArmario ]]
Material of the floor : [[ habitacion.tipoSuelo ]]
Bedsheets not included
[[ equipamiento.nombre ]]

Flat extras

[[ equipamiento.nombre ]]

Kitchen appliances

[[ equipamiento.nombre ]]

Washing machine features

[[ equipamiento.nombre ]]

Building information

[[ equipamiento.nombre ]]

Included services

[[ equipamiento.nombre ]]

Public transportation in the area

[[ equipamiento.nombre ]]

Flat extras

Additional information about the area and the flat

Floor plan Floor plan piso [[ habitacion.piso.id ]]

Plano del piso

Area map Map piso [[ habitacion.piso.id ]]

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References from students who have been in the piso References room 1016H1

[[referencia.nombreEstud]] ([[referencia.habitacionId]]) - [[referencia.fecha|limitTo:10|date:'dd/MM/yyyy' ]]
New apartment in Aluni. Still no references. You can rent it for the first time!

Average rating given by the students Feedback room 1016H1

[[ puntuacionMedia(habitacion.valoraciones.valoracionPiso)|number:1 ]] de 5 estrellas

Average score according to [[ habitacion.valoraciones.valoracionPiso['numCuestionarios'] ]] completed questionnaires

  • Comfort and quality of the salon and halls:
  • Quality and state of the kitchen :
  • Performance of kitchen equipment (washing machine, etc.):
  • Natural light in the flat:
  • Artificial lighting of the house:
  • Performance of heating units in common areas:
  • State of the wall paint in the common areas:
  • Hot water performance :
  • Quality of the furniture in the common areas:
  • Quality of the household (dishes, tablecloths, TV, etc.):
  • Street noise (higher number is better):
  • Quality of the WC:
[[ puntuacionMedia(habitacion.valoraciones.valoracionHabitacion)|number:1 ]] de 5 estrellas

Average score according to [[ habitacion.valoraciones.valoracionHabitacion['numCuestionarios'] ]] completed questionnaires

  • Natural light:
  • Student desk:
  • Desk chair :
  • Heating:
  • Bed quality :
  • State of the closet:
  • Street noise (higher number is better):
  • Quality/Price relationship :
  • State of the walls and ceiling:
[[ puntuacionMedia(habitacion.valoraciones.valoracionTrato)|number:1 ]] de 5 estrellas

Average score according to [[ habitacion.valoraciones.valoracionTrato['numCuestionarios'] ]] completed questionnaires

  • Maintenance and repairs done by the landlord:
  • Treatment received by the landlord (politeness, respect, concern):
  • Quality of privacy :
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Book now 1016H1 Description of the monthly rent discount

Monthly rent [[ habitacion.habitacionIdMostrar ]]:

  • Gender:
  • Arrival:
  • Exit:
  • The ALUNI office is closed on the date of your arrival because it is a public holiday. By requesting the “special arrival” service, an ALUNI agent will be waiting for you at your flat to let you in. This service has an additional fee. If an agent is not available on this day, you will have to find alternative lodging while you wait for the office to open so that you can receive your set of keys.
  • Original price : [[habitacion.precio|number:0]] €/Month
  • Discounts for longer stays : -[[habitacion.descuentoLargaEstancia|number:0]] €/Month (*)
  • Off-season discount : -[[habitacion.descuentoOfertas|number:0]] €/Month (**)
  • Final price: [[habitacion.precioDescuentos|number:0]] €/Month ([[(habitacion.precioDescuentos/30)|number:2]] €/Day) (***)

(*) This contract is subsidized for exceeding 90 days of rent. The longer you stay in an ALUNI apartment, the bigger the discount (to view how the discount increases, you can change the dates to accomodate a longer period of stay).

(**) Discount for choosing to rent during the off-season (to see how this discount increases, choose a period of dates found between [[ habitacion.periodosOferta[0].inicio | ofertaRecurrente:habitacion.periodosOferta[0].recurrente ]] y el [[ habitacion.periodosOferta[0].fin | ofertaRecurrente:habitacion.periodosOferta[0].recurrente ]])

(***) The monthly rent is calculated according to the days in a month. Therefore, if there are 31 days in the month, the student must pay for an extra day. If there are less than 30 days in the month, the corresponding days are not counted. The fixed price in the contract corresponds to a 30-day month.


The rental price does not include utilities (electricity, gas and water), which are paid according to consumption. The approximate amount per 30 days is [[ habitacion.piso.gastoEstimadoTotal ]] €, but will be adjusted month by month according to actual invoices. The approximate amount per month in the winter (December, January and February) is [[ habitacion.piso.gastoEstimadoTotal + habitacion.piso.suplementoInvierno ]] € due to the heating system type.

The rental price does not include utilities (electricity, gas and water). The fixed amount per 30 days is [[ habitacion.piso.gastoEstimadoTotal ]] €.

Utilities are included in the rent.

Booking Fee

This fee is paid only once

  • Original price of the fee: [[ precioBaseContrato ]] €
  • Discount for arrival in June/July: -[[ precioBaseContrato - importeContrato() ]] € (*)
  • Final price of the fee: [[ importeContrato()|number:0 ]] €

(*) If you arrive in June or July the amount is lowered by 40%.

[[ razon.mensaje ]]

Booking authorization admission pending
You are authorised to
Your request to booking authorization has not been successful. If you want to book this room, we suggest that you try again by entering different dates or you can try to book a different room.
Remember that you have already requested a booking authorization for this room for different dates.
La habitación no está disponible para las fechas seleccionadas, por favor prueba a cambiar de fechas o a reservar otra habitación.

Terms & Conditions 1016H1 Conditions of the student contract with ALUNI.NET

  • I have read and understand in its entirety the ALUNI rental contract and the general conditions of the ALUNI contract described here, and the Payment cancellation policy described here
  • I am a girl between the ages of 18 and 35
  • I can prove that I am a university student (enrolled or working) during the period of accommodation.
  • This apartment has a special clause that I know and accept: read here

Payment 1016H1 Payment of the room deposit

  • If your bank isn't part of the EU, you may be charged for the transfer
  • The reservation won't be finalized until the money transfer is verified by Aluni (this could take a few days)
  • ALUNI's bank accounts : Click here
  • To book with a money transfer, you must register beforehand as a user by clicking "Registration

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    [[ mensajeDescuento ]]
    * En el siguiente paso del proceso de reserva se te pedirá un justificante de estar vinculado a esta institución. Si no puedes justificarlo, tendrás que devolver el importe del descuento.

    Room deposit
    [[ fianzaMinima(habitacion.precioDescuentos)|currency ]]
    Booking Fee
    [[ precioBaseContrato|currency ]]
    Discount on booking fee
    -[[(precioBaseContrato - importeContrato())|currency ]]
    Aluni commission for online payment mediation ([[ comision ]] %)
    [[ importeComision|currency ]]

    He leído y acepto la política de privacidad