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Housing Contract Completing the Housing Contract

How much does the contract fee cost?

ALUNI charges a fee to the student for the management of contracts, which varies according to the city and the date of booking.

If 30 days before the contract ends, the student decides to take a second or successive contract in the same room for more than 100 days, he/she will not have to pay the fees for these new contracts, provided that the second contract or successive contracts is immediately following the current contract.

If the student is studying at a university or a business that has signed an agreement with ALUNI.net, she/he will receive a discount off the first contract, assuming the following conditions are met:

  1. The institution give the student a unique discount code, previously delivered by ALUNI, used only at the time of paying the reservation
  2. The institution must maintain the link to ALUNI.net on its web page.

When does the contract come into effect?

From the moment the room has been reserved through ALUNI’s online application and the deposit has been paid, it is understood that the contract is in effect.

Signing the contract is only more proof that the contract exists. From that moment on, ALUNI.net reservs the room and stops offering it to other students.

Nature of the contract

The lease is seasonal, so the student recognizes that this is not their usual residence, but only its seasonal residence, linked to the university period or to the practices in a company.

The student has no right to renew the contract, as might have it in the case of permanent housing.

Termination of the contract

The contract automatically finishes at the end of the contracted period.

Neither the owner nor the student may unilaterally terminate the lease without the consent of ALUNI

If the owner does not comply with their side of the contract, the student should communicate the problem immediately to ALUNI so that ALUNI may formally request that the owner comply. If the owner continues to refuse to comply with the contract, ALUNI, as arbitrator, will change the contract to a room in another apartment, if the student wishes.

If the student does not comply with their side of the contract, they will be forced to leave the apartment and will lose the deposit.

Rights and obligations of the contract

It is extremely important that the student read the rights and obligations of the ALUNI housing contract in its entirety. These obligations are the same for all students and owners.

Among these obligations are included:

Clause B10: The cost of utilities (electricity, gas and water) will be paid by the residents to the owner on a monthly basis.

Clause B11: Visits from friends and family are permitted as long as consent is obtained from fellow residents, although overnight visits are not permitted. In the case of a family accommodation, the approval of the owner is required. Guests cannot stay for the night (ALUNI can offer to find them accommodation in the closest hotels and hostels).

Clause B12: Smoking is not permitted in the communal areas of the apartment including dining areas, kitchens, hallways and bathrooms.

Clause B13: Residents will respect the rules of the community and neighbors and will be careful to limit noise. Parties in the flat are never allowed.

Clause B14: The schedule maintained in the apartment is to be set by a common agreement among the residents (in the case of family accommodation, the student will agree with their schedule). Once the schedule is set, it is to be respected as part of this contract especially regarding study time and night time. Other rules to be taken as contract rules are the common sense living criteria that guests set, such as the division of household tasks considered binding such as the cleaning of the apartment, the removal of trash, retrieval of mail from the mailbox, etc. In a family accommodation, the student will do a family member would to carry out those chores.

Clause B15: The owner of the apartment is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of items left in the apartment by residents.

Clause B16: The residents will respect the decoration of the apartment and will not change the furniture or bring in new furniture without the specific authorization of the owner. It is not permitted to damage the structure in any way, which includes placing any object on the walls (using glue, sticks, adhesives etc.) and prohibits the use of nails.

Clause B17: Animals are not permitted in the flat.

Clause B18: Having any kind of weapon or the consumption of any type of drug in the flat (including forms of marijuana or cannabis, and the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages) is completely forbidden. The possession of pornographic material is also prohibited (magazines, etc.), as well as any kind of material that may be offensive to others.