Deposit Deposit

How much is the deposit?

The amount of the deposit is the equivalent of one month's rent for the contracted room (without taking into account the discounts applied), with a minimum of 250 Euros. This means that if the room costs 150€ per month, a 250 € deposit will be required, but if the room being contracted costs 450€ then the deposit will be set at 450€.

How do students pay the deposit?

The deposit could be paid by one of this methodsl:

  1. Online (with a credit card) from ALUNI’s website at www.aluni.net (by clicking “reserve now”). This is the recommended option.
  2. By bank transfer to ALUNI’s bank account.
  3. Cash deposit in bank to ALUNI’s bank account.
  4. With a credit card at ALUNI’s office.

If the student pays by bank transfer, any transfer fees will be paid by the student. If the bank charged the commission to ALUNI.net by mistake, the student should complete the full deposit upon signing the contract.

Why does ALUNI ask for a deposit?

The deposit has two purposes. Firstly, to reserve a room in advance and secondly, to guarantee that the apartment will remain in the same condition that it was in upon arrival. For this reason, students are not allowed to use the deposit to pay the last month’s rent.

Who retains the deposit or part of the deposit in the rare case of damage?

It is ALUNI.net, and not the landlord, who decides if part or all of the deposit needs to be retained in case the student doesn’t comply with her/his part of the contract.

When do students recover the deposit?

The deposit will be returned to the students at the end of their stay. ALUNI.net does its best to return the deposit as soon as possible. If for some reason ALUNI takes longer than one month to return the deposit, the amount returned to the student will include a payment of interest for exceeding 30 days.

What are the requirements for recovering the deposit?

  1. The student must fill out his/her bank information on the form available on the student’s online control panel.
  2. If a student is in an apartment that is administered directly by the landlord, the student must present(fianzas@aluni.net) the completed Certificate of Deposit Return signed by the owner to ALUNI (this can be turned in at the ALUNI office or scanned and sent to fianzas@aluni.net).
  3. Leave the apartment and the room in the same condition as they were in upon arrival.
  4. Return the keys. In apartments that are administered by ALUNI, the keys must be returned to the office, always with the safety key chain remaining intact (see: “ALUNI apartment keys” section). If the apartment is administered by the owner, the keys must be returned to the owner.
  5. Leave the room clean, organized, and without any rubbish. The closets must be left empty and clean. The rubbish bin must be empty and the pillow and bed sheets should be left on top of the mattress.
  6. Be up to date on all payments of rent and utilities.
  7. Fill out the Departure Checklist questionnaire online (Available online from the User Zone)

How can students recover the deposit?

ALUNI can return the deposit in any of the following ways:

  1. To a credit card
  2. By bank transfer to an account provided by the student (the transfer fees will be paid by the student)
  3. By changing the deposit to another friend’s account who is going to house with ALUNI

The best way for non-EU students to recover the deposit is by credit card. However, this is only possible if the student has paid through ALUNI.net using a credit card during the previous twelve months from the date of the returned deposit.

What happens to the deposit for students who stay in the apartment for multiple years?

Students who wish to continue living in the same apartment for the following academic year can request that ALUNI hold onto their deposit from year to year.

Also, if the student wants to save their current room, they should leave the contract signed and paid before leaving for vacation.

Do you lose the deposit if a student leaves the apartment before the contract is over?

If a student decides to leave the apartment without paying the days contracted, he/she will lose the deposit. This is stated in the contract.

If, before leaving, the student finds a replacement to complete the contract, they will receive their full deposit.