FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Requirements for housing with ALUNI

  1. Be between the ages of 18 and 35 (*)
  2. Be or have been a university student
  3. Be studying or working during the contracted period.

Housing options

Depending on the type of administration contract between ALUNI and the landlord, there are different distributions of responsibilities.

There are three types of administrative relations between each landlord and ALUNI: Basic Administration, Rent Administration, and Integral Administration. Schematically, the distribution of responsibilities is the following (all of which will be explained in more detail throughout this manual):

Basic Administration Rent Adminisitration Integral Administration
Collect monthly rent and utilities LANDLORD ALUNI
Show flat to the ALUNI students LANDLORD ALUNI
Management of keys
Maintenance and cleaning
Inspect flat before returning the deposit

ALUNI informs each student about the type of administrative agreement that it has with the landlord in order for them to know who to work with throughout their stay (for example, who to pay rent to, who to report a problem to, etc.).

ALUNI Identification (Student, flat, and room)

Each ALUNI student has an identification number (his/her ALUNI ID), will be required for any paperwork with ALUNI.

Each flat has its own reference number (flat ID).

Likewise, within each flat all the bedrooms have their own identification number, which is formed by combining the flat ID number with the respective room number. For example, the reference number 1890H1 is equivalent to bedroom (habitación) number 1 of apartment number 1890.

Rooms are usually numbered starting by the room closest to the entrance door.

Customer Service

For an incident relating to the flat, one must contact either the landlord or ALUNI, depending on the type of contract. If it falls under the Basic Administration or Rent Administration agreement, the problem should be solved by getting in contact with the landlord directly. If it is an Integral Administration agreement, contact the ALUNI office.

If the landlord does not solve the problem, or the ALUNI employees do not adequately help, please send an e-mail to the company at atencionalcliente@aluni.net, stating the problem and the response of the landlord and/or the response of the corresponding ALUNI office.