House Keys House Keys

Where can students collect the keys?

In apartments directly administered by ALUNI (Integrated Administration), students should collect the keys from the ALUNI office and return them to the same office at the end of their stay. In other apartments (not administered by ALUNI) students collect the keys directly from the owner and return them back to the owner when they leave.

If the student goes to the ALUNI office to pick up the keys, it will be necessary to sign the document “Key Collection”, which outlines how many keys the student receives, the flat they belong to, and the date on which this document was signed.

The student will receive the keys on a security keychain provided by ALUNI. Any tampering or breaking of this security keychain will result in retention of the deposit at the end of the student’s stay.

Is it necessary for students to return the keys in order to recover the deposit?

Yes, in order to recover the deposit the student must return the keys before leaving.

If the flat is part of basic administration or rent administration, unless otherwise specified by ALUNI, keys should be returned to the landlord. For integral administration flats, keys are returned directly to the ALUNI office.

In the flats managed directly by ALUNI, if the students are unable to return the keys during office hours, they could ask a friend to return the keys for them. However, each student should take full responsibility if the keys are left unreturned.

Another option for returning keys when the office is close, is to put them in the keys drop box of the ALUNI office (first ask where it is located) and send an email to llaves@aluni.net to inform the office that you have returned the keys in the designated drop box.

At the end of the contracted period, when the student returns the keys to the office, they can request a proof of key return, proving that the keys have been returned to ALUNI. Advice: For safety reasons, the address to the apartment must never be kept together with the keys.