Arrival Student Arrival

Student Arrival

After completing the online booking process, the student will be able to download the custom Arrival Instructions Document. This document contains the landlord’s contact information, the address of the flat, directions from the airport to the flat, etc.

How should students let ALUNI know about their arrival?

A couple of weeks before the student’s arrival, he/she should confirm by email or by telephone the date and time of arrival so that ALUNI can contact the owner of the apartment and, if necessary, the students who are currently living in the flat.

What to do if the arrival date does not coincide with the office hours of ALUNI, or if it is on a holiday?

On the ALUNI website, the student can see office hours and holidays (by clicking on “contact”, then selecting the desired office location, and by hovering the mouse over the text “holidays”, you can see the holidays of that office).

If a student plans to arrive outside of ALUNI’s office hours, (for example at night or on the weekend), and neither the owner of the apartment nor the existing occupants are available to let the student into the apartment, the student will need to arrange provisional accommodation themselves until the ALUNI office opens. In this case, students can request information from ALUNI about hostels near their apartment before travelling.

The first day in the apartment and the “Arrival Checklist”

Upon arrival to the apartment, the student should inform ALUNI if there are any damages or missing items that were stipulated in the contract.

If the student doesn’t say anything within the first seven days, the student will be held responsible for the damages and/or any items missing in the apartment. The Arrival Checklist exists for this reason, which is provided in the arrival kit and must be filled out online (from the website of ALUNI, User Zone).

Before using the bed, it is very important to make sure that there is a mattress protector, as you can see in the image below

What if a student wishes to change apartments before the end of the contract?

Once a student has chosen an apartment, she/he can only change it when her/his contracted period has ended.

ALUNI.net tries its best to sufficiently inform students about each apartment through its website (photos, floor maps, reviews from other students, an evaluation of all apartment details etc.) so that the student can select their room without the need to visit the apartment in person.

However, if a student wishes, there is always the possibility of visiting an apartment before paying the deposit.

Those students who reserve the room without seeing it directly assume the responsibility of losing the deposit if, upon arrival, they do not stay there because they do not like the flat.

Students should be aware that once the reservation is completed, the room is no longer available to other students. If the student later decides not to stay there, it is putting others at a disadvantage (both other students as well as the landlord).