Maintenance Maintenance

Cleaning and repairs

The apartment is not a hostel or a guest house. Washing and ironing clothes, cleaning rooms, preparing meals, and all other chores typical of a hostel or a guest house are to be completed by the residents and therefore may never be requested of the owner.

Nevertheless, ALUNI.net commits to provide students with a regular maintenance service for the communal areas of the apartment. The cleaning service does not include cleaning individual rooms, washing dishes, organizing the apartment, or taking out the garbage. This cleaning service only applies for the apartments with three or more rooms.

In apartments administered by ALUNI.net, when the maintenance staff cleans the apartment, they will leave a Proof of Cleaning Services for the residents to fill out and sign, verifying to ALUNI that the cleaning service has been completed adequately (it is important to verify that this service has been completed and that the entrance and exit hours are correctly stated). If a student has reason to believe that one of the maintenance staff is not completing their work adequately, they should contact ALUNI.net immediately and not sign the corresponding sheet.

Students should respect basic norms such as keeping the apartment organized, the communal areas tidy, the sink free of dirty pots and dishes, the bathroom free of clothes and towels, and the living room and hallways organized. ALUNI suggests that personal objects not be left in the communal areas of the house.

Students have the right to request that broken appliances and other apartment damage be repaired by the owner of the apartment, if the students haven’t caused the damage themselves. If the damage has been caused by the students, then they will pay for the damage. If nobody takes responsibility then all the residents will share the price to repair the damage.

Students are responsible for informing the owner or ALUNI.net about broken appliances, damage to the apartment or any foreseeable damage as soon as possible. Students can do this directly in the ALUNI office or by email to your ALUNI office, and they will solve the problem as soon as possible or inform the owner in order to fix it expediently.

Housing care advice

  1. Take out the garbage every day.
  2. To save money on utilities, students should take showers instead of baths when possible.
  3. For longer lasting pots and pans, it is suggested that occupants use wooden spoons or spatulas.
  4. If the kitchen has ceramic tiles, adequate cleaning products should be used (vitroclen, sidol, etc.).
  5. It’s suggested that each room be aired out once a day for at least 5 minutes by opening the windows.
  6. The optimum heating temperature is 20 degrees. It is suggested that the pressure barometer be checked occasionally. It should be set between 1 and 2. If it is less than 1 or more than 2, irreparable damage may occur to the boiler. Ask ALUNI or your apartment owner if you have any questions about this.

Instructions: The Flat & its Appliances

Each student can download basic instructions for the flat as well as the appliances found in the flat (refrigerator, washing machine, etc.). These instructions are available on ALUNI.net online Control Panel.

Storage of personal food

In both the kitchen and in the refrigerator, each student must have a reserved space for their own personal food items.

When a student leaves the apartment, they should remove all of their personal food items from the refrigerator.

Nevertheless, it is suggested that students look through the refrigerator and pantries from time to time to make sure there is no food left by accident.

Safety measures for avoiding robberies or accidents in the apartment

  1. Always keep the apartment door locked, even when you are inside of the apartment.
  2. Do not open the apartment entrance with the intercom to anyone unknown. Be careful when commercial workers request permission to access to leave brochures in the mailboxes. Don’t open for them.
  3. NEVER write the apartment address on your keys or keep it with your keys.
  4. In case of a gas leakage or if there is a strong smell of gas, the students should open the windows, turn off the boiler and close the key to the gas passage. In the case of not knowing where it is, the students should contact ALUNI or the apartment owner directly.
  5. Never leave cash or objects of high value in sight.