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Monthly rent & utilities Monthly rent & utilities

How much does a student pay per month?

The monthly rent is calculated per day. The price quoted in the contract corresponds to a 30 day period. Therefore, if a month has 31 days, an additional day of rent must be paid, and if the month has less than 30 days, the extra days will be subtracted.

Who should the student pay the monthly rent to?

In apartments administered by the landlord, the student pays the landlord directly, and in apartments administered directly by ALUNI, the student will pay ALUNI directly (ALUNI will then turn this money over to the landlord).

When should the rent be paid?

The monthly rent must always be paid before the 6th of each month. If the rent is paid late without proper justification, ALUNI has the right to request an additional 8€ for each day the payment is late.

How do students pay?

In apartments administered by ALUNI, students pay the rent to ALUNI so that ALUNI can turn this money over to the landlord. In other apartments (not administered by ALUNI) students pay the landlord directly in a way that is convenient for them.

Students who pay ALUNI, can do so in one of the following ways:

  1. With a credit card online through this website: see Payments (this is the recommended way).
  2. By bank transfer to ALUNI’s office account, clearly indicating the student name and room identification number. ALUNI’s office bank accounts can be found here.
  3. Cash deposit in bank to ALUNI’s bank account.
  4. With a credit card in ALUNI’s central office.

How much rent must be paid on an entrance or an exit month?

The student has to pay from the date of the beginning of his contract until the date of the end of his contract. Obviously, if the student arrives some day later than the date of the start of his contract, he also pays the days of delay, since from the beginning of his contract the apartment was reserved for the student. Likewise, if the student leaves before the contracted date, he will have to pay until the end of his contract.
As a general rule, most landlords only allow rental contracts to start and end with full fortnights. For example, if you arrive on the 5th of the month, you have to sign up from the 1st; And if you arrive on the 17th, you have to contract from the 15th. And as regards the end date of the contract, it will have to end on the 15th or the last day of the month. For example, if you plan to leave on June 28, you would have to make a reservation until June 30, even if you leave on June 28. In any case, Aluni's website already shows this condition when booking.

Does the monthly rent include utilities?

The price of utilities (water, electricity and gas) is not included in the monthly rent charged by ALUNI.

The price for utilities tends to be around €1.50 per day, but it depends on the actual consumption of the household. Normally, it’s paid by invoice.

In the apartments administered directly by ALUNI.net the student will pay 40€ per month that will be applied towards the cost of utilities. Each trimester, ALUNI calculates the amount in accordance with the actual invoices of the utilities and the amount due is then readjusted. This could mean returning money to the student or requesting whatever has not been paid.

If the student wishes, the owner of the flat has the obligation to show all invoices that have been received during the stay.

If the apartment has Internet, students do not have to pay extra, as it is understood that it is included in the monthly rent.

Are there contract discounts?

During June, July and August most landlords offer large discounts. There are also discounts available for periods of stay over 100 days.