Booking Booking

How can you book a room with ALUNI?

It’s very easy to do! It's all explained in this video!

All you need to do is select the room you like the most on the ALUNI website and click on “Reserve now”.

To make a reservation, follow these five steps:

  • Students need to confirm the offer: the arrival and departure dates, as well as the room selected.
  • Accept all terms and conditions with ALUNI.
  • Pay the deposit. This can be done through credit card payment or bank transfer.
  • Complete the details on the student file card.
  • Download the documents. The final contract can be downloaded when ALUNI confirms that the information is correct.

When and where do students receive the signed documents confirming their booking?

If the reservation is made online, which is most common, the student will be able to download the housing documents at the end of the booking process. These documents will be marked “provisional” until the booking is verified by the ALUNI office. The verification process usually takes no more than 24 hours, by which time the documents will become permanent.

The documents you will be able to download are the following:

  1. Copy of the rent contract (for the room selected)
  2. Arrival instructions (with details about the flat, the landlord’s contact information or the ALUNI’s agent’s contact information)
  3. Proof of payment

Housing Certificate

The student can request a housing certificate from ALUNI if it is needed in order to obtain a visa.

If the certificate can be sent via email, 45 €. If the certificate must be sent via standard mail, 95 €.

ALUNI can make the certificate for the student only if:

  1. The student has paid the ENTIRE deposit
  2. The student has paid the contract fee
  3. The student intends to stay in the flat for more than 120 days

Política de Cancelación

REGULAR CANCELLATION POLICY (in time of covid-19 the previous conditions have priority)

If these two conditions exist simultaneously: 1º Your reservation is cancelled within 24 hours after payment, and 2º Between the date of payment and the date of arrival there are at least three days, the full amount will be refunded.

If the reservation is cancelled more than 60 days before arrival, the student will get a full refund of your deposit, but not the reservation fee.

If the reservation is cancelled less than 60 days before arrival, neither the deposit nor the reservation fee will be refunded, unless the student finds another person to rent the room in his place for, at least, an equal period of time. In that case, the full amount of the deposit will be refunded, but not the same with the reservation fee.

If the reservation is cancelled less than 30 days before arrival, and the date of arrival is in October, November, February or March, there is an additional penalty of one month's rent

In case you want to cancel the reservation, you must write to info@aluni.net