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1. Link by discounts Link in exchange for discounts

What it consists of

Simply insert an Aluni.Net link in the accommodation section of your website. In return, your students will benefit from a discount on the booking fee (between 20% and 40%).

How to advertise Aluni on your website

It depends on the design of your website. If you don't have an accommodation section yet, create it, and include Aluni.Net. You can put the Aluni logo and this text:

Aluni.Net: Shared flats for students

Such a link would be directed to "your landing page in Aluni"..

What it consists of "your landing page in Aluni"

Your landing page in Aluni is a website in Aluni dedicated to students the of your school or company.

Examples of Aluni landing pages:

Advantages of putting a link on your website to Aluni.Net

  1. If you put on your website a link to Aluni.Net, the first advantage is the opportunity to offer fairly priced, quality and ideally located accommodation to your students shared only with other students of their age (note that the offer of shared flats in most real estate companies do not require being a student or young university student in internships under the age of 35 ).
    In addition, Aluni's contract rules are the same for all the apartments, which upholds a consistent standard of behavior of other colleagues and the common basic rules of the apartment.
  2. Second, Aluni offers a special discount to your students. To enjoy this reduced price, the student will have a discount code that you provide, which Aluni will have sent you previously. This code can be a different one per person (single-use), or a multi-purpose code for all students in your university or company. In both cases the code has an expiration date, after which it will no longer be recognized by the Aluni website.

Advantages for the university or company

  1. Firstly, being able to offer your students easy accommodation to book from their place of origin, at a good price and close to their institution, it will encourage more students to join you.
  2. Aluni is amongst the top results in Google when it comes to finding accommodation, so the landing page we make to your website will improve its ranking on the Internet (on the Internet the ranking of a page is largely due to the number of significant links to it from other relevant sites). Check for yourself the positioning of Aluni on Internet by typing in Google the most used words to search for room in a student flat; for example: "rent room for students in Madrid". Remember that Aluni.Net has been on the Internet since 1998 and has hosted more than 35,000 university students.